Training Solutions

We pride ourselves in taking time to show our customers how to use their systems better. Not only can we work with you to develop training for your employees on the systems they use daily but we can also design and install the environment needed to deliver regular training sessions.

We provide:

  • Small form factor computers which are ideal for compact environments.
  • Interactive whiteboards for the true delivery of interactive learning.
  • Fixed and mobile Projector solutions for the classrooms, labs or mobile trainer.
  • Furniture suitable for the training rooms.

The skills development of your people is probably the biggest most important investment you could make and is often one that leads to sustained retention of your work force.

The people that work with you know your organisation in a way that has got to be considered an asset? So to provide them with the capability to perform better surely makes sound business sense?

At Proficient Systems we will work with you and your people to understand their abilities and the way in which they use your systems. Having this information and knowledge will allow us to help you provide learning plans that will enable your workforce.

Whether it’s a step by step training session on how to use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Publisher or how to build complex Excel spreadsheets with financial formulae we will find a solution for you.