Network Management

Apart from capability, configuration also plays a part. Did you know that a simple oversight, wrongly connected cable or a minor configuration mismatch can reduce your entire business network to stand still? You probably didn’t and all too often neither do the people that look after it, not until it’s too late anyway.

Do you know what is utilising your network? Honestly do you? We bet you can name the obvious ones, file sharing, printing, internet browsing and email however you would be shocked at what is really being transmitted and received.

When that network printer got plugged into the network it was configured to use pretty much every protocol used for file sharing or printing. Even the well-known brands by default are configured to use AppleTalk/Bonjour, DLC/LLC, FTP, TCP/IP, SMB, and Novell – if you are not using these protocols then they should be disabled.

At Proficient Systems we have experience of designing networks of all sizes – everything from small 5 or 10 user offices to enterprise level contact centres of 3500 plus seats.

We can:

  • Manage your businesses network.
  • Provide a full audit and make recommendations on how to get the most out of your IT assets.
  • Provide remote persistent monitoring of your switches and routers and can provide remote remediation of most faults.
  • Take the stress and the anticipation of the “what if’s” away from the organisation managers leaving them to get on with what they do best.

Please speak to us to find out what we think and we will help develop a solution that fits your requirements.