Our philosophy is to Keep IT Simple! You can’t get more simplistic and straightforward than plain English. English is a language you understand, a language we understand, a language that third parties understand, so why complicate things?

Keep IT Simple was born from our experience of working with companies who knew what they wanted but were unsure of how to make it happen. All too often we experience how companies and third party business partners confuse their customers with jargon and unnecessary complexity. At Proficient Systems we aim to work with you and not against you. We are sure that with our help you and your organisation will achieve a maximum return on your IT investment. You are likely to have the tools already - we will help you understand and use them for your benefit.

At this point you may be thinking surely this company cannot be a one stop shop for everything? No organisation can guarantee everything?

Of course you are correct, after all a job shared is a job halved! We at Proficient Systems work with our third party suppliers in delivering our services. As a service provider and as an end user we would much rather work with an organisation that specialise in an area or service rather than a provider who stretches themselves beyond their comfort zone. This is a philosophy we carry through to our end users.

We believe in the personal approach and spend a great deal of time getting to know our customers and the market in which they operate. We build a relationship based on honesty, plain English and great service, an old adage sums up quite well our view on growing our business - if you are unhappy tell us, if you are happy tell everyone else.

Proficient Systems offer a number of services, but should there be something we haven’t covered in this website please give us a call. We are always happy to give our advice even if it’s just an impromptu chat for an independent impartial view.